Sam: Ready for Spring

31 Mar 2014 10:41:30

By Samantha Murray


After a cold, harsh two weeks altitude workout in the French Pyrenees, it was a lovely surprise to return home and find a large parcel in my porch. My spring / summer collection of Moving Comfort gear had arrived.


The Foxy Full Zip Jacket paired with the orange hot shot tank top and an excellent pair of fitted ¾ length capri leggings have Quickly become my favorite items. The colors are really bright and cheerful and definitely swept away the winter blues.


We have started working towards the competition season by competing at warm-up events around Europe. From a weekend in Budapest for a Pentathlon, Shortly Followed by another competition in Rome, the past few weeks have been intense with lots of travel and essential practice for the 2014 season.


So I stayed in Rome for some workout and had the opportunity to put in to practice my Italian skills. It felt quite rewarding after the effort I've put into it. The best bit ordering what my favorite desert from a local bar. It's called a " Caffé Turbo " and Consists of: a double espresso, a scoop of iced zabaglione, a scoop of rich dark chocolate ice cream, some Italian style custard and cream on top all in one medium sized coffee cup. It's not really athlete friendly (and not something I'd tell our nutritionist about), but every now and again I believe it's good to treat yourself!


At the moment, I'm in Bath and have one more week of workout then, alongwith the rest of our GB squad, I'll travel to Acapulco, Mexico, for the first World Cup of the season competition. Despite the long journey, I'm very excited and have the " Loco in Acapulco " song already downloaded on to my iTunes!  

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Sara's Top 3 For Spring

13 Mar 2014 17:06:08

The Moving Comfort Spring collection has landed for 2014 and brightens up any workout. Being lucky enough to trial a range of the collection, it only takes one use of some pieces to knowthat they're going to be my staple favorites. The colors for this season are so bold, Which I love and narrowing down to just 3 of my preferred items of apparel was a challenge ...

First off is the hot shot tank. Initially, When first handed this tank, I was not sure about the design. As soon as I put it on the angled mesh panels made ​​it extremely flattering and being the most lightweight of the Moving Comfort range, I wore it to hot yoga where it Performed perfectly. It did not get heavy with sweat or ride up, I have since tried it in the gym on the cross trainer and bike and am looking forward to the warmer months so I can take it for a run outside!

My second key piece is the Momentum Short. thesis I have in the bright flame / pixie color-way, Which Firstly make them aesthetically great. The wide waistband is another bonus providing a flattering fit Allowing me to feel really confident and the zip pocket at the back is very practical. T hey're so lightweight you hardly notice you are wearing them. 

My third piece is the Switch it Up Hoodie. I went for a bold color-way in this (pixie swirl / pixie) and I can not get enough of it! Two  hoodies in one, a great space saver When traveling with limited suitcase space . The hoodie is extremely light weight so I tend to put it on while I'm cooling down and after my workouts as the technical fibers wicks moisture away from the skin to keep it dry and quietly it does not overheat you.

Hot Shot Tank

Hot Shot Tank

Momentum Short

Momentum Short


Switch It Up Hoodie

Switch It Up Hoodie

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The Life of an Athlete

24 Jan 2014 15:43:26


I have just finished the first week of our altitude training camp. I’m currently living at around1800m in a small town called Font Romeu in the French Pyrenees with four teammates and my coach, Istvan. Tomorrow is our eagerly awaited day off…and we are hitting the slopes for some downhill skiing. I am so excited! We had heavy snow fall last night and today making it ideal conditions for skiing tomorrow.

I thought it would be good to explain some aspects about the life of an athlete: from training cycles to travelling.

So here goes, from October through to February, we aim to build our aerobic fitness, develop skills for fencing, shooting and riding and, essentially, set our- selves up for the lengthy com- petition season.

The past three years that I have been competing as a full time athlete, I’ve made around 10 to 15 airport journeys per year to competitions and training camps abroad. Sometimes they are ‘in and out’ type trips where I’ll be abroad for four days. However, for camps, we’ll be located in the given training base for up to three weeks.

A typical week for me includes five days of training and a long run on Saturday morning. From Monday to Friday, we swim and run in the morning and then after lunch focus on the technical elements of modern pentathlon.

As well as training directly for our five events, we also have several support staff who work for the English Institute of Sport (EIS), these people help us meet the demands of our sport and really make us better-equipped athletes. We have a nutritionist, a psychologist, strength and conditioning coach (gym instructor) physiotherapists, masseuses, a sport doctor and a lifestyle support officer.

There is indeed a lot of ‘support’ that is available. This is what really enables us to step up our game and become ‘elite’ performers on the international playing field. The question I’m most commonly asked is how this great expense is covered or do I pay for these facilities myself?

After being a home-based youth athlete, I competed at a senior international level and, therefore, gained results that proved I was good enough to be a full-time funded athlete.

In fact, all athletes who compete in an Olympic discipline at international level are fortunate to receive funding from the National Lottery via UK Sport. So please keep buying your lottery tickets!

Something that really aids my performance is sponsorship. I’m very lucky and proud to be an Ambassador for Moving Comfort.  The footwear and kit provided to me is fabulous and enables me to get to train in the best quality fabrics that are comfortable and, importantly, look great. It’s always nice to feel good as your working out.

It is a career that is performance based.  It is time consuming with a fixed regime and extremely competitive. As an individual athlete there is a level of solitude – does anyone really understand what drives you? When you wake up at 7am – aching and sore from the previous day – only to have to push yourself through another day – all for that medal or that new personal best?

The ability to deliver under pressure and bring it all together on the right day is an essential skill that divides the best from the ‘almost made its’. It’s hard to put into words what the ‘Y factor’ is.

Is it the bug you’ve been bitten by, is it the vision you have, the person you want to be, the title you dream of, or even you simply feel most comfortable as an athlete? In any event, the end goal – once, and if, achieved – endorses the sense of satisfaction, achievement and champion feeling that leaves you with a euphoric sense of accomplishment.

There are obvious advantages such as travelling the world and experiencing new and exciting places. With the exception of Australia, I’ve visited every continent in the world through sport. I’ve tried every national dish and drink from each place I’ve visited. I’ve partied in some ‘real dives’ – including a nightclub somewhere between Slovakia and Hungry where we had to demonstrate the “Macarena” to the locals – to the coolest roof top party overlooking Kuta Beach in Bali. Meeting people from different cultures, backgrounds and countries is great fun too and has given me a love for languages.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day off training. Then, I’ll hit it hard for the final week here in the mountains. I love training at the moment and am passionate about the personal challenge of Modern Pentathlon.  I read a quote recently that gives me motivation: “Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for.”

I hope this give you something to chew on next time your about to workout! If you have any questions or comments, please contact me @_samanthamurray

Until my next blog, I wish you all many happy workouts in Moving Comfort gear! 

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Work, Live, Run

14 Jan 2014 12:49:13

Like many of us who are on the road for work, finding the perfect workout kit that doesn’t take up your entire carry on and performs on the run can be tricky.

Especially, in the colder months, naturally you need more clothing to keep you warm! Last week my colleague and I took to the road, in our van, and arrived at our work destination 4hours later (an hour later than scheduled)… oops!

I’m not usually one for the gym, the hotel “fitness suite” was pokey at best – but as long as the equipment is safe and working, I can’t complain right?! Finding the time to fit in a workout or a run is always a challenge, it seems it has to be early before meetings or late after dinner when the last meeting has finished. The miserable weather and unsociable hour made the decision for me…I must go to the gym.

Here goes… I hopped skipped and jumped my way down the stairs to the gym! What a sigh of relief, a whole hour to unwind, and get my sweat on! Feeling confident in my new Switch It Up Capri, Hot Shot Tank and Switch It Up Hoodie I was raring to go.

Switch It Up Capri

Switch It Up Capri

The Moving Comfort Switch It Up range is new for Spring 2014. Each piece of the collection offers two looks in one – a solid colour one side and a bold pattern the other.

I took to the treadmill and managed a fairly quick 5k (for my standards), an interval session on the bike and a relaxing cool down followed by some stretches.

When I first put the Capris on, the lightness of the garment struck me, Moving Comfort have used a two sided fabric rather than bonding two fabrics together, which ensures there is no unwanted weight. The handy hidden pocket served its purpose by stowing my locker key.

It was one of those evenings that I wanted to show my flare, it’s funny how seeing bold bright colours can instantaneously lift your mood!

The Hoodie is made out of the same two sided technical material as the Capri, it boasts kangaroo style pockets on the sold side, thumb loops, and a drawcord hood. It was perfect for my warm up and cool down part of the session.

The gym was stuffy and without air con it was a good job The Hot Shot Tank was there to save me! The Hot Shot Tank is also new to the Moving Comfort collection and enters the line as the lightest tank. The DriLayer material was very breathable, and I felt the fit flattered my shape well.

Hot Shot Tank


Hot Shot Tank

So, if you are looking for work out kit that is lightweight, good fun and is a high performer give the Switch It Up range a go. You won’t be going over your baggage allowance :)

All items will be available soon on the Moving Comfort website.

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Whats keeping you warm?

18 Dec 2013 17:57:16

With Christmas looming and frost on the ground, it becomes more and more difficult to build up the motivation for a run at this time of year. Living on the South coast, I have a lovely scenic route right on my doorstep, but at this time of year the sea air chills you to the bone and it’s so dark either side of work you can just hear the waves rather than seeing the relaxing tide.

Undeterred, I have decided that this winter I will keep my running at the same frequency during the winter as it has been through the summer and autumn. I love a good gym session or fitness class, but there’s nothing as refreshing as getting out in the fresh air. For my first cold weather run I opted for the Sprint Tech Jacket to keep the cold sea winds at bay and the Foxie Half Zip to keep my body heat in.

Sprint Tech Jacket

Although I was chilly when I first stepped out of the door, once I was moving I was nice and toasty. The mesh vent on the back of the Sprint Tech Jacket stopped me from overheating while keeping the wind off. The material is very lightweight so I was grateful for the Foxie Half Zip underneath to give me some warmth. Both of these items having thumbholes was a bonus too as I could keep my hands warmer. Having completed a gentle 3 miles and with my face temporarily frozen, I felt great! The layers kept me warm but wicked away sweat so I was comfortable not clammy.

Most people will opt for the treadmill over the outdoors this winter, but I can’t recommend a good outdoor run more, it’s just a case of getting to know how many and what layers work for you but I highly recommend a wind resistant outerlayer and the sprint tech jacket ticks all the right boxes for comfort, performance and style.

Foxie Half Zip

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