Minimum order / Shipping / Shipping costs


a. Minimum order There is no minimum order within the country. Please remember, however, that shipping costs are invoiced on each order. Orders are in principle only delivered when all previous deliveries have already been paid.  
  b. Shipping
How do we deliver? Shipping is done exclusively by DHL! Shipments to post office boxes and general delivery are not possible.
  c. Delivery time
The normal delivery time is 2-3 workdays after receipt of order. Orders that reach us between Monday and Thursday can reach you as early as the next day, as long as the goods are available.
In principle there are no deliveries on Sundays, holidays, Christmas and New Year's Day. We will inform you immediately of any delivery delays. For this reason it would be useful if you provided us with your email address.
  d. Shipping costs
Postage and packaging costs are € 6.00 (Ireland) or 4,00 £ (UK) on every order. We ship additional deliveries without shipping charges. C.O.D. deliveries incur an additional fee of € 3.95.
  e. Delivery proviso
We are not obliged to deliver an order if the goods are not available. We will inform you of this as rapidly as possible and refund any payments you may already have made immediately. If desired we can deliver a product of equal price and quality. With regard to special sales we can only deliver as long as the supply lasts.
  f. Transfer of risk
The risk of accidental destruction and accidental worsening in quality of the goods – including upon purchase for shipping - only transfers to you upon the delivery of the purchased goods.
  g. Liability
In case of defects in the delivered goods the Buyer has the legally applicable rights. However, claims of the Buyer for damages are subject to the special conditions of Number 2.
  h. If you ascertain that your ordered goods are incomplete or are not consistent with what you ordered, please contact our shipping team immediately (telephone: 0251/13 530-0, by fax: 0251/13 530 289 or by email: Claims for damages by the Buyer due to obvious material defects in the delivered goods are ruled out if he fails to inform us of said defects within two weeks after delivery of the goods.
  i. Online package tracking
You have ordered something from us and would like to know where your package is? We will email you a package number as soon as your order leaves our premises. With this number you can quickly and easily determine the status of your package.
  j. Changes in delivery and shipping conditions We specifically reserve the right to regularly revise our delivery and shipping conditions. We will inform you in a suitable manner of such new conditions, which will be considered to be applicable within one month insofar as you do not voice an objection to them.  
  k. Shipping within the European Union  
    1. Choice of legal domicile
German law applies to these terms and conditions. The domestic delivery and shipping terms shall apply insofar as nothing to the contrary is specified below.
    2. Orders
Outside of Germany we only accept written orders sent by internet.
    3. How can you pay?  
      a. By credit card (MasterCard and Visa).  
      b. In advance. As soon as we receive the payment, we will fulfil your order. Please find the shipping costs on the below postage table or ask about them at our Customer Service department.